Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

Translated from Shelesh:

Akksul heard more of the new aliens had formed an alliance with our wayward deserters, and we went to see for ourselves. It was worse than we feared. There are multiple species of these new aliens. Even worse, the weren't just ruling our people—they were exalted like heroes. Everywhere I looked, cowards bowed and bargained with these disgusting things, blind to the reality that they had only traded one oppressor for another.

I'll never forget what Akksul told us that day. All aliens are the same in the end. They want to take what's ours and turn us into slaves. The Roekaar see with clear eyes, and our hearts are pure. We won't succumb to these new invaders. We are the true resistance army, and one day soon all angara of every world will know it.