Unscrambled Exchange

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

wspender: I armed you! Gave Calix the chance he needed to take down Tann. What have you done for me?

atao: Um, I covered your tracks? You made Calix think you were with us, but you were the one who woke up Morda! We both know you were hedging your bets. Making sure we saw you as an ally if we actually did take the Nexus.

wspender: I didn't choose to wake up Morda. They made me.

atao: If I went to your boss with what I've seen, you'd be out of a job. Hell, you'd be in jail... or out here with us.

wspender: So this is blackmail, then. Smart. You'll get your supplies, Aroane. Just know I'm saving this conversation.

atao: So am I.