The InterStellar Regulators

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ex-soldiers, police and spies from across the galaxy, the InterStellar Regulators are second only to certain Mandalorian clans as one of the most successful and best-equipped mercenary groups in business today. The Regulators, as they are more commonly known, have conducted successful military operations on dozens of neutral worlds. They accepted an exclusive contract ten years ago to provide planet-wide security services for Makeb.

The Hutt Cartel's leaders bribed several high-ranking Regulators to betray Makeb's rightful government and help the Hutts stage a coup. Many rank-and-file Regulators refused to accept the buyout offer, but were either shot by their corrupt comrades or forced to flee the planet. Once respected and trusted by Makeb's people, the Regulators are now regarded as thugs for hire.