Structure 05, Research Logs

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

Structure 05, Day 2. Still no real signs of hostility unless I try to access the systems. Then they attack like scalded jaarts. Why? Afraid of me damaging something? Finding something? Secrets? A kill switch?

Structure 05, Day 5. Lost most of a day laying low from those kett while they looked around. Wasn't all wasted—I learned a lot of what NOT to do. At least they dragged their dead away.

Structure 05, Day 12. Finally got to sketch one of the "Observer" units. It was busted up by the kett. Still doesn't look like a combat unit. More like a tool that can fight, like they're remnants or leftovers from something bigger. Oh cr—

Structure 05, Day 17. Screw it. Between the storms and dodging the kett, I'm losing too much research time. I'll find another site to study. One with friendlier neighbors.