Settler's Log

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

(Most of this log has been corrupted, but a few bits of data remain.)

"...low on water. Temperatures dropped precipitously the third night in. The water purifier stopped working. Barres managed a temporary fix with spares from the crash but output is only fifteen percent of expected. Awaiting replacem..."

"Shuttle 783 attempted lift-off. Failed. Ten souls gone. Shuttle 784 has been repaired since the original crash, but Barres doesn't think she's capable of surviving this storm."

"Storm has not abated. Atmo scans indicate that the mostly calm conditions we saw before setting down were an anomaly. Not livable. Setting out beacon."

"Atmospheric interference seems to be blocking signal. Barres is hoping we get another window of calm."

"Gupta and Lyman lost. Heard their last communication. Their Nomad was having trouble. No one wants to go out there. From sixteen, to six, now four."

"...abandoned most structures. Fortifying and updating the supply bunker as living quarters to reduce power usage and time spent outside."

" word from Nexus yet. Barres thinks we just need to hold out another few weeks. Supplies dwindling but it's only us now. We can last that long."