Corrupted Data Drive

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

Note: The drive is old, has been exposed to the elements, and most of the data is corrupted. However, small packets have been recovered and translated from Shelesh. The data appears to be a series of journal entries.

"...stories told by grandfather, of how the gauntlet came to him. It should've been his sister's to hold. She was the oldest of all their siblings, direct descendants of Zorai. But she had no interest in the stories of the ancestors or the Remnant. She refused her right, and it passed to grandfather, then my father... and now it's mine."

"I barely understand it, and it's frightening. I visited the sages. They said Zorai knew how to speak to Remnant, and maybe this gauntlet helped, somehow. When I put it on it... it seems to change something, in my mind. I don't like the way it feels."

"...Iraan wants it. The gauntlet. She says my fear of it makes me unworthy. I should pass it to her, like our grand-aunt passed it to our grandfather. I do not fear it. I will show her. I'll use it on the Remnant, like my ancestor did."