The Archon Speaks

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

Translated from Tonaizhet:

The human Pathfinder will make an attempt on Khi Tasira, or "Meridian," as it is known to these creatures. It is a predictable course of action. It believes itself my equal, and will attempt to steal the Remnant's power from us. We have worked long and hard to unlock these secrets. We will not be usurped by this lesser creature. I have dispatched my enforcer—my Sword—to the space station to handle this human. She will be my voice. Obey her as you would your Archon.

Work on the Remnant must continue in the meantime. With Khi Tasira fully under my control, Heleus, the angara, and the Pathfinder's people will all yield. Our rise is assured. It has always been assured. Victory is inevitable, and kett are patient.