The Machine of Life

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

This document is partially translated from the Jardaan language:

We have [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "invested," "committed," "trusted"] everything in the machine. I questioned, but then I stood within a planet that [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "enveloped," "cradled," "grasped"] me. Everywhere else, horizons rob you of the future. On Meridian, it is all around. You cannot open your eyes without seeing new [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "life," "projects," "tools"] growing. Everywhere is potential.

It is [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "inspiring," "overwhelming," "frightening"]. Meridian the machine will [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "control," "alter," "change"] this cluster. Meridian the idea will [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "control," "alter," "change"] us all.

This is not about the beginning. It is about the [IMPRECISE; ALT.: "removal," "rejection," "promise"] of the end.

And they will come.