Observational Notes

Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

Node: ASR
The asari node has been designated for psychosocial extrapolation and analysis with special emphasis on deviant or criminal behavior.
Note: asari mental capacity appears highly attuned to social investigations wherein emotional values are an important factor.

Node: KRG
The krogan node has been designated for analysis of military subjects in order to form cohesive war planning and strategic calculations.
Note: Compliance is high; minimal mental resistance to entrainment observed.

Node: SAL
The salarian node is designated for advanced mathematical calculations.
Note: Frequency entrainment drop-outs have been observed; salarian metabolism may be a causative factor.
Note: Awareness of experiment has been repeatedly observed; induced memory wipes only temporary.

Node: TUR
The turian node has been designated for astrophysical and astronomical observations.
Note: The subject's neural pathways overloaded while calculating Scourge gravitational anomalies and caused the subject to expire.