Unknown [Mass Effect]

Mass Effect

Translated from Shelesh:

These worlds have always belonged to us, from the moment our ancestors saw them through ancient telescopes. We claimed them when our first explorers reached the stars, and they remained our worlds even after the Scourge divided us in darkness. Outsiders have no right to these treasures, and true angara must stand ready to defend our birthright. This is not a matter for debate or diplomacy. The kett have already shown us that everything we love will be taken from us if we don't strike back. The governor of Aya is a weak coward, and the so-called leader of the Resistance has failed us by not exterminating the new aliens the moment they met them.

I have scattered these memories for whoever finds them. If you are angara, learn from my experiences and join the Roekaar. If you are not, know that we will destroy you.