Journal of Master Builder Heittson II

Master Builder Heittson

Kingdoms of Amalur


They're coming. The unholy apparitions have appeared as if by dark magic, behind our defenses. Despite our well manned perimeter, we have been undone. With nary of drop of blood shed, nor a man lost, they are at our gates.

Lord Gravehal has commanded a full withdrawal and flight upon our ships, and not a man among us disagreed.

His lordship has ordered the keep burned to the ground and the task has fallen to me, but I cannot bring myself to set it alight.

This morning, I sought out the gnome mage, a visitor from the Scolia Arcana, to ward my beautiful place against all intruders, by any means within his power. I do not know what the unseemly sorcerer has in mind, but he assures me that neither these apparitions nor anyone else will ever claim the keep.

I've devised to seal her entrances as best we can and steal away by the beach tunnel. His lordship has this morning departed, setting sail in an unassuming trading ship. I shall be the last out, entrusted with the destruction of my life's work. Though it pains me near as much as committing her to the fire, I've not choice but to seal the tunnel with explosives. I pray that this and the devisings of the mage will be sufficent to preserve the keep intact when ere we return to reclaim the island as our own.