Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

From the moment his daughter, Vaylin, was born, Valkorion felt her strong connection to the Force. As she grew up, the Immortal Emperor noticed similarities between them, which both pleased and frightened him, and he decided to keep a tight leash on his favorite child. Her father's control curbed her tendencies toward violence and anarchy, but beneath her upbeat and lighthearted exterior lurked a restless hunter, hungry and ambitious. When most of the Emperor's power was locked away on Yavin 4, he was no longer able to hide Vaylin's strength from her, and she finally got a taste of her full capabilities. Instead of striking back, however, she decided to bide her time, like a predator studying her prey. She formed a close bond with her brother Arcann as they both detest the idea of destiny. However, Vaylin isn't one to stay in the shadows forever.