History of Halruaa

Unknown[Baldur's Gate]

Baldur's Gate

The last attack upon Halruaa was less than 100 years ago, through the Tetath Pass by the power hungry king of Lapaliiya. He had allied with bandits from the wastes,though this time the Halruans were able to field a larger force, including fighting men as well as wizards in their skyships. The attackers were easily routed.

Halruaa also suffered through a civil war about five hundred years ago, when a number of mages beginning in new experiments in magic, ones which even the Netheril didn't approve of. The renegades were driven from the region, but went on to found the land of Thay, or so it is said in Halruaa.

Since then, Halruaa has been at peace (they have not declared wars) though it still suffers from Dambraii pirates, bandits of the wastes, savages from the Mhair Jungles, and any other pirate, raider, or hungry wizard who thinks that magic and wealth grow on trees in Halruaa. This constant raiding has made the Halruans very defensive, warlike and traditional. The people say that since wizards have always led them, wizards always will.