History of Shadowdale - The Time of No Lords

Unknown[Baldur's Gate]

Baldur's Gate

During the period when Khelben Blackstaff held the Pendant of Ashaba(the symbol of the lordship in the Dales), Sylune (Widow of the murdered Lord Aumry) was the de facto ruler of Shadowdale; though these years were known as the Time of No Lords. Sylune and an adventuring company known as Mane's Band were responsible for driving out the Zhentil Keep forces and keeping at bay the monsters in the area. The Twisted Tower, the natural seat of leadership, remained uninhabited following it's abandonment by the evil Lord Jyordhan, and neither Sylune nor the companions of Mane's Band wished to assume the mantle of leader. With time, Mane's Band passed on to other lands and adventures.