History of the North - The Might of Men

Unknown[Baldur's Gate]

Baldur's Gate

Along the coast, in what was once the elven community of Illefarn, humanity was once again rising in power. Merchants from the south, tribesmen from the North, and seafarers from the western islands had created a village around a trading post on a deep-water harbor, first known as Nimoar's Hold after the Uthgardt chieftain whose tribe seized and fortified the ramshackle village. Nimoar and his successors, known as the War Lords, led the men of Waterdeep (as it had become known to the captains) in a slowly losing battle against the trolls. In a final, climatic battle, the trolls breached the aging palisade and all seemed lost - until the magic of Aghairon of Silverymoon turned luck against the trolls, destroying and scattering them.

Aghairon, heir to the heritage and learning of Netheril, stayed in Waterdeep, and in his 112th year he agan saved the city - this time from itself. In doing so, he created the Lords of Waterdeep. The city grew into the greatest in the North, possibly in all of Faerun. With Waterdeep as a firm anchor, civilization forged cautiously into the wilderness. Illuskan (now Luskan) was taken from the orcs. Loudwater, Llorkh, Triboar, Longsaddle, Secomber, and other towns were settled by poineers from Waterdeep, sponsored by the Waterdhavians merchant families.

Thouth it has been centuries since the last orc invasion, there is still a constant strife. Barbarians harrass merchants, travelers, and towns, the seas swim with Northern pirates, and wars marred the land in recent years. Luskan, now a fierce merchant city known to harbor - and support - pirates, waged a war with the island realm of of Ruathym over an act of piracy against one of the few legitimate Luskan merchant ships. The war nearly raged for a year; with Ruathym slowly losing ground. When it appeared that Luskan would finally win naval war and land on the island self, the Lord's Alliance entered the fray. They threatened war against Luskan if the skirmishes didn't stop immediatly. Unable to fight a two-front war efficiently, Luskan canceled its invasion plans.

Tension between Luskan and Ruathym are still high, and their ships are often seen taking potshots at each other as they pass, often just a wave or two away from each other. The government of Ruathym has recently been sending adventurers into the hills of the island realm, looking for mercenaries who are killing merchants, farmers, and woodsmen. Ruathym believes Luskan still has a presence on the island, trying to win through subversion and terrorism what it could not accomplish through war.

To the far north, the Ten Towns have finished rebuilding after being nearly destroyed by the monstrous forces of Akar Kessel. With help from the tundra barbarians living nearby, they've built and repaired their cities, replanted the sparse foilage, and - most importantly - replenished the morale of their citizens. A recent trader who passed through the area with carrying 17 wagons of rare oak lumber said that it was nearly impossible to to determine who is a barbarian and who isn't. "They are living together!" he reported in amazement.