Ambassador: Discoveries


Tomb Raider

I have spoken to some of the villagers on the island. I was expressly forbidden to leave the palace, but this did not stop me. My duties here are clear, I must learn the truth! But the stories I uncovered defy belief.

Rumors abound of the Queen's communion with the spiritual world. They say she commands the sun and the rain, that her lands are abundant by her will alone. This is certainly nonsense, but what can be the cause of such whispers? Is this how she controls her people, by engaging their primitive superstitions?

I saw absolute reverence in their eyes when they spoke of her, yet I also sensed fear. Her people are treated with fairness, taxed reasonably and are well protected by her Stormguard. No wonder some of them even pray to her!

It's as if she were more than just a Queen to them. Spreading discontent through her people may well be a harder task than I imagined.

Lara's Thoughts

The ambassador uncovered a mystery surrounding the Sun Queen. It seems she had some kind of unnatural hold over her people.