Ambassador: Dark Tidings


Tomb Raider

It is time for me to leave this accursed island. I have seen enough of Yamatai. I cannot explain the power the Sun Queen wields, but it is not of this earthly plane.

As I suspected, she knew my intent the moment I set foot on this island. She has manipulated me, toyed with me to see what information I would seek, but she always knew. If I am allowed to leave this place alive, I must warn my lord, warn him that we should avoid Yamatai at all costs. If we wish access to her seas, we should pay any tributes she requires, but we should never cross the Sun Queen. To do so would lead to our ruin.

Of the other things I have seen... those dark horrors, I can never speak of again.

Lara's Thoughts

The ambassador discovered some terrible secret and fled Yamatai. What did he find? And what became of him?