Grim: The Good Old Days

Angus Grimaldi

Tomb Raider

Well, this is a right fucking mess. So much for a quiet retirement. If I find Roth somewhere on this goddamed island, I'm going to punch him square in the mouth for bringing us here. And then... then the two of us will kill every last one of these crazed sons of bitches. It'll be like the old days....Minus old Dicky Croft.

If he was alive, he'd want to study these bastards. Some kinna twisted religious cult, he'd find em "fascinatin." I hope his daughter knows better and finds a good place to hide. These nutjobs are dangerous. And I worry about those kids. Alex, Sam... this place will eat em alive!

Lara's Thoughts

Grim's right, my father would want to study these Solarii. But he'd also do anything to save his friends.