Journal of Rayeld the Younger



I can barely contain myself. After so many years of studying, my time has finally come. Tomorrow I wield the sacrificial knife for the first time. I am certain the goddess Nereza will find me pure when she gazes into my soul and receives my offering.

Thank the goddess my father did not see. My hand shook, and I was sick to my stomach. During every other sacrifice I have witnessed, I only experienced the joy of the offering. But holding the knife, looking into their eyes as they die... for the first time, I doubt my faith.

My father knows, I can see it in his eyes. But now that I understand what our religion truly is, I cannot let it continue. If Nereza knows what is in my heart, then I am already damned, so I might as well do something worthwhile to earn it.

As I approached the sacrifice, knife in hand, I saw her pleading eyes. Until that moment, I was unsure whether I could really do it, With a clear conscience, I turned the blade on my father and freed the girl, who I now know as Sara. Fortunately, the worshippers were too stunned to stop our escape.

Nereza was no goddess, though I can't say what she was. She had human eyes, but her visage was more that of some hideous demon. And when I killed her, I felt that evil flow through me into the very island itself. Then, it... it took Sara.