Hoshi: Answering the Call


Tomb Raider

Today I am Hoshi, daughter of Hiiro and Kokoro. Tomorrow, I will be Hoshi, Daughter of the Sun. The Queen has spoken and I was given the robes. Every girl in every village dreams of this honor. Mother cannot stop crying and father is beaming with pride. I have never seen him smile so much.

This greatest of honors will raise my family to the heights of Yamatai society. We will want for nothing. And someday the Sun Queen may even choose me to take her place.

And yet... I cannot deny my feelings. At first I dismissed them as simple nerves, but the unease has grown within me. I could never refuse the call, to do so would invite ruin to my family. But I am frightened of my Queen.

Lara's Thoughts

This is an excerpt from the ancient diary of Hoshi, a young Priestess of the Sun. Interesting... she feared her own queen.