Whitman: Crossing the Line

James Whitman

Tomb Raider

Well, it had to be done. Lara left me no choice. If I thought she could play the game, I might have let her in on my plan. But she doesn't have the grit for this business. She isn't ruthless enough. And this discovery has to be mine. I've crossed the line. It won't look good, so... as unfortunate as it may be, she can't make it off this island. None of them can.

And whatever happens with Sam... it just makes this whole story all the more newsworthy. I don't think Mathias or his Solarii can be reasoned with, so I'll need to slip away as soon as this ritual is completed. I'll make the perfect sole survivor, returning with the authorities, the cameras... and an appropriately convincing expression of sorrow.

Lara's Thoughts

Whitman, you foolish man. In the end, your ambition got the better of you.