The History of Pandemonium



Pandemonium is the alpha and the omega of the Eternal Conflict. It lies at the center of all things, linking the relams of Heaven and Hell. Long ago, when the angels were young, the Aspect of Wisdom found the Eye of Anu here. He name it the Worldstone, and all of Heaven swore to protect it.

Pandemonium was destined to be our battlefield. It was formed in the chaos of the last struggle between the diamond warrior Anu and the Dragon, Tathamet. Now, eons of war have scarred every patch of ground. The cycle of victory and defeat is the foundation of our existence, and the essence of the Eternal Conflict.

As war raged through Pandemonium, the Aspect of Justice called for a fortress to be raised around the Worldstone. We built a shining citadel, but in time, it fell to the demons. It has since changed hands countless times, becoming a patchwork of angelic and demonic expression.

The Pandemonium Fortress housed the Worldstone for many years... until the angel Inarius and the demon Lilith stole it away. With its loss, there was nothing left to fight for, and the fortress had been abandoned since. Our time in this land has drawn to and end–for now.