Reyes: About Lara

Joslin Reyes

Tomb Raider

Roth, I know you want me to ease off Lara. But I'm hard on her for a reason.

This big expensive ship and all its people are heading into uncharted, dangerous waters based on her theories. Lara need to understand the weight of that responsibility. I know it was your call, but sometimes I think you forget that she isn't actually your daughter. No one else could get away with steering the Endurance into Dragon's Triangle without at least some hard evidence. So you tell me - what convinced you?

She's smart, I'll give her that. And I admit the expedition has potential. But big ideas and grand plans will only get us so far. You know as well as I do, nothing like this ever goes according to plan. Lara's green - if the shit hits the fan and she screws up, someone's gonna get hurt. Maybe it'll all play out fine. But until we're sailing home safe and sound with a pile of riches, I'm not giving that girl any slack.

Lara's Thoughts

Reyes was right. I was a fool and people did get hurt. But I'm going to do whatever it takes to get them home.