Alliance Intelligence Report: Lords Adacin and Zanisk

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Subject: Lord Adacin and Lord Zanisk

Status: Terminated

By the time the Sith bowed to the Eternal Empire, Lord Adacin and her constant companion Lord Zanisk had already recognized their new enemy's strength and disappeared. When Acina brokered a truce with Arcann and took power, they remained hidden rather than join the influx of Dark Lords swearing fealty to the new Empress to save their own skin.

Given their earlier foresight and caution, their sudden aggression against the Alliance is troubling. Why expose themselves with an open and direct attack? Why target the Alliance, rather than slowly draw more Sith away from Acina to bolster their ranks? Was there some ulterior motive--some greater purpose--behind their actions that we haven't discovered?

Even the location of their volcanic stronghold raises questions. Adacin and Zanisk had no previous connection to Ord Mantell. How did they set up their operations so quickly without drawing unwanted attention? And why would they even want their base on a world neither of them was familiar with?

Though we believe the threat they represent has been neutralized, too many unanswered questions remain to completely close this file.