Alliance Intelligence Report: The Red Huntress

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Subject: Elarea Aldraste aka "The Red Huntress"

Status: Terminated

Elarea Aldraste was a moderately successful bounty hunter working primarily in Wild Space before leading the Crimson Fang organization that seized control of Port Nowhere. Calling herself the Red Huntress, she had a reputation for bringing back her quarry exclusively in body bags. She occasionally partnered with other small-time operators on difficult jobs, however nothing in her history shows the leadership necessary to found an organization capable of seizing such a prized target.

And yet, the Crimson Fang was a veritable rogues' gallery of Wild Space's most notorious villains. Confirmed members included renowned sniper Jor "Oneshot" Mesok, the infamous pirate Captain Takkan Russco, and the twin assassin droids KT-55 and PR-98... none of whom survived.

How the Red Huntress convinced such a disparate group to unite and seize control of Port Nowhere is still under investigation. One fact is clear: without Elarea at the helm, the Crimson Fang would have collapsed.