Alliance Intelligence Report: White Maw Uprising

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Subject: White Maw Pirates

Status: Dormant

The recent White Maw resurgence on Hoth may benefit the Alliance. After defeating the pirates and liberating the civilian workers, we have established a legitimate claim to the Firefrost Lavaworks factory they used. Alliance crews are already modifying the factory for our specific purposes.

Further White Maw aggression in the area is unlikely, as Droub--the Firefrost overseer--seems to have solidified his position and eliminated any potential rivals in the region. His rise to power was impressive and unexpected: before this, he was little more than a mid-level White Maw thug, lacking the ambition and intelligence to set up such an extensive operation.

Interviews with the civilians pressed into service indicate Droub was a particularly cruel master. Because of this, a high percentage of the workers have vowed to stay on and keep the facility running on behalf of the Alliance as a sign of their gratitude.