Alliance Intelligent Report: Major Korven

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Subject: Major Korven

Status: Terminated

Alliance Intelligence tracked Major Korven for several months before the events on Vanguard Station. Known as Cipher Fourteen when she worked for Imperial Intelligence, she earned numerous commendations for her service... along with several reprimands for using methods considered too extreme, even by Sith standards.

Ruthless, ambitious, and amoral to a fault, her career eventually stalled when other agents refused to work with her because of her endless backstabbing and double-dealing in pursuit of her own advancement. Ostracized, she disappeared, though she was since a suspect in several anti-Imperial terrorist acts.

Given her dangerous reputation, Alliance agents investigated rumors of Major Korven resurfacing. Pinning down her exact location proved difficult until her sudden appearance as a leader of the Sith defectors on Vanguard Station. It remains unclear why anyone would follow someone with Korven's well-known, and well-deserved, reputation for betraying her own people.