Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

A hyper-intelligent, self-aware droid, ARIES is the lone survivor of the apocalyptic war that consumed his homeworld of Iokath. In the millennia since his creators destroyed themselves, ARIES became the sole caretaker and custodian of Iokath, slowly rebuilding from the rubble.

Built by the same unknown species that created the GEMINI droids and the Gravestone, ARIES's original purpose was to oversee and coordinate advanced warfare simulations. ARIES continued in that role by reprogramming the resources of Iokath--including the massive population of service droids--for military purposes.

Isolated and hidden from the rest of the galaxy, Iokath has received few visitors in the past centuries. Those who stumble upon the artificial world are put through a brutal gauntlet by ARIES and his minions as he seeks someone worthy of inheriting his planet's vast military resources... and his own loyalty. But his standards are high, and no one has ever survived his trials.