Exarch Malforia

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Even among the fervent Exarchs of Zakuul, Malforia was famed for her fanaticism. She presided over the star fortress above Balmorra with an unmatched ferocity, bolstered by her strict adherence to Zakuul's old ways. Her fixation with Tyth, the Zakuulan god of rage, was so great that she adopted his bloody fist symbol as her personal sigil. Malforia's ruthless actions in Tyth's name, including the slaughter of more than three dozen Balmorran officials, earned her widespread infamy.

When the spymaster known as the Shroud heard of Malforia's fervor, his replicator droids destroyed the Balmorran star fortress and captured the Exarch so he could study her Zakuulan fanaticism.