History of Iokath: Entry 2

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

TEST REPORT 195821.78

Per the master designer's request, our analysts have compiled a detailed study to explain the total failure on test environment Z17AX558. The details of their findings are available in a separate report, but in summary: the test environment's proximity to its star, coupled with previously-undetected trace chemicals in the upper atmosphere, reacted negatively to our new particle beams. The resulting electrochemical chain reaction ignited the entire biome, destroying the test subjects and our deployed designs within moments of activation.

While this can only be considered an unmitigated disaster from a return-on-investment perspective, we will make the most of our losses. The master designer's teams will recalibrate their particle beams to a lower-yield setting. Should we locate another planet like this, we can re-test our creation and hope for more satisfactory results.

- Lead Design Analyst Ise Pev Trin