History of Iokath: Entry 3

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

TEST REPORT 249216.39

It is my extraordinary honor to report that the test on environment WL428T73 succeeded beyond all projections. Every design element performed with minimal deviations from their expected functions. Millennia of internal research and development have finally produced a fully-integrated and optimized planetary assault platform suitable to any environment or resistance pattern. On a personal note, it has been my sincere pleasure to work with the greatest master designer in our long history.

I must add one small addendum to this report for the sake of completeness. Analysts examining the test environment have discovered a vast underground vault constructed by the now-extinct natives. With no surviving test subjects to explain its function, we can only theorize why the structure was filled with cultural artifacts of little practical value. We will leave the vault to be discovered by whatever life emerges on the test environment in future epochs. Perhaps they will be able to explain their predecessors when we return to test them.

- Lead Analyst Udo Lin Xoir