History of Iokath: Entry 5

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Today was another painful reminder of how meaningless the role of master designer has become. My days are wasted in endless planning meetings to direct the construction of new biomes for Iokath's endlessly-breeding populace. I only feel alive in my spare hours, when I revisit the great designs of ages past and vainly attempt to improve them.

The analysts who witnessed my gallery cooed and tutted, deeming it "exceptional" and "a celebration of the thinking that made us great." What blind sycophancy. All I offered them were ornamental improvements. What difference does it make if SCORPIO looks like a floating cube, a ball of programmatic light, or a walking biped crafted in the image of a long-dead alien species?

We have fallen so far from our glory days. We no longer bother to deploy our designs on test environments and instead rely on simulations to predict the outcomes. Foolishness. Only the chaos of an unpredictable environment and its unique subjects can teach us anything.

I wonder what would happen if I deployed our designs on Iokath? Would I reveal something new?

- Master Designer Vel Jyc Boer