History of the Vibro-mop

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Since its invention in 13 BTC by scientist Reyne Flavius, the vibro-mop has been a vital component of hygienic maintenance throughout the galaxy. Integrating the versatility of a vibro-blade with the dependability of a household mop, it served as a template for a new and exciting array of cleaning apparatus, including the electromagnetic duster and the ion-charged dishrag.

Though the vibro-mop is primarily utilized in small-scale household sanitation, it has played a role in many of the greatest feats of sterilization in the galaxy. The cleanup following Drooga the Hutt's historic 600th birthday celebration owed its success to a single vibro-mop, which expired after the completion of its titanic task. Drooga's janitorial staff held a private ceremony to honor the tool's heroic service.