Hylo Visz and the Gravestone

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

As an underworld specialist, Hylo Visz is an integral part of the Outlander's crew. But the monotony of coordinating smuggling operations and continuous supply runs on behalf of the Alliance took its toll. Secretly, Hylo pined for the lost days of her infamous past: excitement, adventure, and glory. She became bored and restless... until she was given command of the Gravestone.

Picking up where Koth Vortena--the previous captain--left off, she learned to pilot the vessel and delved into the ship's inner workings. To her delight, she discovered a technological marvel of ancient alien origins unlike anything she'd ever seen. Hylo became obsessed with unlocking the ship's full potential--a challenge worthy of her attention that ensured her continued dedication to the Outlander's cause.