Indo Zal

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Magistrate of Revelry, attendant to Empress Vaylin, and esteemed man about town, Indo Zal has enjoyed an illustrious career as Zakuul's premier entertainer--and occasional "fixer" of unwanted problems. He managed luxury cruisers, organized planet-wide festivals, and ultimately won the public's favor for officiating the spectacular execution of High Justice Yuriem for the crime of profaning the Immortal Emperor's name.

But Indo's rise to prominence was not always written in the stars. His parents, both decorated Knights of Zakuul, died in the Battle of Scyva when Indo was only six years old. He was raised by his older sister, Kalya--one of Zakuul's prophetic order of Scions. It was Kalya who taught Indo how to influence people, act like the Zakuulan elite, and navigate the social labyrinth of the Eternal Empire. Indo worshipped his sister until the day she was executed by High Justice Vaylin during a mass slaughter of Scions.

Indo was destroyed. He wanted nothing more than to avenge his sister's death. But Kalya had taught him the value of patience. Indo swallowed his rage, donned a smile, and insinuated himself into Vaylin's employ--dreaming of the day he would bring down the Zakuulan empress.