Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Unlike many Anomids, Jarak isn't interested in starships, droids, or holopads. He is dedicated to studying a more complex machine: the brain. Jarak believes personal suffering is insignificant compared to better understanding the mind and uses methods that make other behavioral psychologists squirm. But while his colleagues disapprove of his grisly techniques, they cannot argue with the results.

Years ago, Jarak invented a gruesome method of brainwashing patients to obey any command for up to ten hours. Side effects included hives, delirium, and death in nine out of ten patients--but everyone from Hutt crime lords to private military organizations still lined up to recruit the scientist. When Jarak accepted an offer, it was from beyond the Outer Rim. Promised unlimited test subjects, ownership of facilities, and complete control of methods, Jarak continued his research for Valkorion, disappearing from known space.