Len Parvek

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

For several years, Len Parvek served in the Eternal Empire's military under the direct command of Koth Vortena. A loyal soldier, Len's faith in his homeworld eroded after Arcann seized his father's throne and embarked on a brutal war of conquest against the Republic and Sith Empire.

When Koth was relieved of command for refusing to fire on unarmed civilians during the Denon riots, Len recognized a kindred spirit in his captain. He freed Koth from the brig and smuggled him to safety aboard the Asylum space station. When Koth later joined the underground resistance opposing Arcann's rule, Len remained faithfully at his friend's side.

Reliable and unassuming, Len's even temperament is the perfect complement to the extroverted and impulsive Koth. Though Koth's crew have nothing but admiration for their visionary leader, they typically turn to Len to handle the nuts-and-bolts of their captain's often outrageous plans.