Lightning Spires

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The lightning spires of Dromund Kaas tower above the planet's dark jungles, attracting the deadly lightning strikes that constantly scorch the world's storm-ravaged surface. The spires protect ground forces from falling prey to deadly strikes and harness the storm's electrical energy to power Kaas City.

The lightning spires were originally conceived by Renigus Wight, a former commander in the Imperial Reclamation Service. Renigus was spearheading an excavation mission in the jungles of Dromund Kaas when a violent storm erupted in the skies overhead. His officers ran for shelter, but were too slow. A single bolt of lightning wiped out his entire crew: 49 officers, researchers and slaves. Renigus only survived thanks to the grace of a twisted ankle that caused him to lag behind the panicked stampede and miss the fatal strike.

Following this incident, Renigus retired from the service to design the first lightning spire-a beacon of safety to shield future Imperial expeditions from the planet's wrathful storms.