Lord Dramath

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Lord Dramath ruled the Sith world of Medriaas more than a millennium ago. Caring little for day-to-day governing, the Sith Lord spent his time hosting feasts and traveling around the agricultural planet. During a trip to the distant northern continent, Dramath had an affair with a poor farmer woman, siring a son whom he promptly forgot.

Ten years later, the Sith Lord heard rumors of a child gathering power in the northern continent, but did not personally investigate until his envoys failed to return. After days of travel, Dramath reached the source of the rumors only to face his illegitimate son, Tenebrae, the future Sith Emperor and immortal ruler of Zakuul. That day, Tenebrae removed his father's connection to the Force and imprisoned him within a powerful holocron, leaving Dramath alone to wither slowly into madness over an eternity.