Raz and the Ubo-Kings

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

For years, Raz and the Ubo-Kings existed as an obscure band, living gig-to-gig in the nightclubs of Nar Shaddaa. According to Raz--the short-tempered Duros band leader--their talents were wasted playing backup to underworld deals and barroom brawls. Raz and the Ubo-Kings were ahead of their time, a band of musical pioneers seemingly destined to never achieve stardom.

But everything changed when the Eternal Empire conquered the Core Worlds. Through unknown means, holos of the band's performances made their way to Zakuul--where they were soon played on street corners and in underground dance venues. Raz and the Ubo-Kings became an overnight sensation. Within a few months, their intoxicating music was played and sampled in every club on the Spire.

Unfortunately, Raz and the Ubo-kings were still stuck on Nar Shaddaa and didn't collect a single credit from their explosive success on Zakuul. Hungry for fame and fortune, Raz prepped his band for a tour to the Eternal Empire's capital, but their plans were derailed when Empress Vaylin took power and forbid any offworld music from polluting her mighty empire.