The Emperor's Vaults

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Emperor's vaults have long been a subject of rumor among the Sith Empire's leaders, though how many exist remains unknown. Believed to contain dark relics of incredible power, the vaults are a mythic prize few speak of openly and fewer still try to locate.

The last known hunt for these vaults was conducted by SIS Colonel Jen Alkier shortly after the Emperor disappeared from Dromund Kaas. Acting on a tip from a highly placed Sith informant, Alkier searched the fringes of Wild Space. After several weeks, all contact from the colonel ceased.

Months later, Alkier's abandoned ship was found on Korriban with no visible damage other than a wiped memory core and a missing astromech droid. The SIS tried to locate its missing agent, but Alkier's file was ultimately closed. The secrets of the Emperor's vaults remain a mystery.