The Hunt for Senya

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

As one of her first acts as Empress of Zakuul, Vaylin declared a bounty on her own mother, who had fled into the far reaches of the galaxy with a badly injured Arcann. A deluge of rumors and unverified reports flooded in from those eager to claim the reward. Obsessed, Vaylin pursued each one, calling on the full resources of the Eternal Empire to track down her quarry.

Hunted and desperate to find someone who could heal Arcann, Senya turned to a group of rogue Knights of Zakuul who had broken away from the Eternal Throne. But on arriving at their secret camp on Ord Mantell, she found the knights brutally slaughtered and her bloodthirsty daughter waiting for her.

Despite Vaylin's trap, Senya escaped Ord Mantell with her life... though the same could not be said of her former comrades-in-arms. Since the Ord Mantell massacre, more rumors of Senya and Arcann's location have surfaced, but none have proved substantial.