Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

As the older of Valkorion's twin sons, the people of Zakuul saw Thexan as the natural successor to the Eternal Throne. Unlike Arcann, his volatile brother, Thexan was known for remaining calm and composed in even the most trying circumstances... a trait that quickly made him their father's favorite son.

But Thexan refused to let their father sow seeds of dissension among him and his siblings. When Valkorion imprisoned his own daughter, Thexan was the only family member who regularly visited his banished sister. After Thexan was chosen to lead the Eternal Fleet against the Core Worlds, he invited Arcann to join him so they could conquer their enemies together.

On their return, however, Valkorion refused to acknowledge his sons' victories. Arcann finally snapped and attacked the Immortal Emperor. Thexan intervened, only to be struck down by Arcann in his blind fury.

Zakuul mourned the fall of their beloved prince for an entire year. His tragic death was blamed on injuries suffered during the war, though rumors suggest he actually fell during a power struggle with Arcann--a theory no one dares admit in public.