Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Even as a child, Tora had a knack for engineering--and for attracting trouble. At eleven, she built a miniature droid to cheat on her math exam and another to hurl dirt at the classmate who ratted her out. She was promptly suspended and placed in counselling to treat her "antisocial behavior."

In adulthood, Tora's short career as a swoop racer ended on Nar Shaddaa when she attempted to cheat by repurposing thermal detonators into turbo boosters. The track was destroyed and several racers were injured when the detonators backfired and exploded mid-race. Tora was miraculously ejected from the wreckage, but the swoop racers pooled their credits and placed a bounty on her head.

Forced to flee Hutt Space, Tora offered her engineering services to the first ship captain leaving the moon: Koth Vortena.