Vaylin: Empress of Zakuul

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

After Arcann's disappearance, his sister was quick to claim the Eternal Throne... and just as quick to prove herself a more brutal leader than her brother. At her coronation, a dozen Knights of Zakuul were publicly executed for failing to protect her predecessor. Vaylin carried out the sentences herself, personally congratulating each victim on the great honor of dying at her exalted hand.

The casual cruelty of their new ruler shocked Zakuul's citizens. More importantly, it drew focus away from the strange droid serving as Vaylin's top advisor, and distracted people from the sudden desertion of nearly a third of the Eternal Fleet.

It remains to be seen whether Vaylin's harsh tactics will cow her people into obedience, or ignite the flames of true rebellion.