Zakuulan Rebels

Unknown [SWTOR]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The reign of the Immortal Emperor Valkorion was Zakuul's golden age, unmarred by terrorism and rebellion. However, after Valkorion's heirs took the throne, cracks formed in the foundation of the Eternal Empire. Arcann's cull of the Scions created a rift among the previously loyal Knights of Zakuul, and a resistance group formed when Zakuulans began to doubt their new emperor. Now Vaylin's harsh regime has further divided her subjects. The rebels that rose under her brother's rule have grown in both numbers and resolve, threatening to tear down the Eternal Empire.

The rebels ultimately tried to assassinate Vaylin on the eve of her coronation as Empress of Zakuul. Hundreds of resistance cells carried out a careful plan over a number of years. But unknown to the rebels, Vaylin had monitored them since her days as High Justice. While she celebrated her ascension to the throne, her deadly Horizon Guards ambushed the traitors and thwarted their assassination plan. Many rebels died, but more were captured. They were interrogated and left to rot in servitude--until Vaylin found the perfect stage for their public execution.