Tomb Raider

24 October 1994 My patience has been rewarded. At long last, I have my lieutenants, my enforcers of the way. The storms brought me exactly the men I need to begin building the Solarii Brotherhood. Strong of body, weak of will. They were broken in the storms, weakened and vulnerable. And I raised them up again. Now they serve me, and through me... her. The Sun Queen. She is showing me the way. She has always shown me the way. I cannot defy what I have seen. And soon, neither will they. She is everywhere on this island.

But... the Solarii Brotherhood must grow. We will recruit as many as we can. I will draft laws, create a code for them to live by. And they will build for the Sun Queen while I search for the key.

Lara's Thoughts

Mathias has fashioned himself a cult of true believers. What better way to justify moral bankruptcy and violence.