Sam: Filmmaker

Samantha Nishimura

Tomb Raider

Whitman is such a drama queen. I can't believe the hissy fit he threw during the filler shoot. I mean, this is his job, right? It's not like he's offering anything to the actual research part of this expedition.

Once we find Yamatai, and the camera's are rolling, he'll calm down. He might be a total pain in the ass, but he knows how to work a scene. I just need to do my job and keep my cool. Lara doesn't know it, but I've been shooting footage of her too. I really want to make sure she gets the credit she deserves. And besides, she looks great on film. I think she's a natural. That's probably going to drive Whitman out of his mind with jealousy. But by the time he finds out, we'll be enjoying the premier of Telluride!

Lara's Thoughts

Whitman was making it so hard for Sam to do her job. The good doctor has really shown his true colors on this trip.