Soldier: Oni Stalkers


Tomb Raider

It... it happened again. Private Kosuke. He was on gate duty last night. No one heard anything. And this morning, they found his helmet... nothing else. Not racks of his leaving, no blood, no shell casings, nothing!

The others are talking about Chinese partisans, maybe even American G.I.'s. Damned fools! They have no idea what's happening here. It is the Oni who stalk us. The restless, evil spirits, they live in the old places of this island. We are trespassers here, and they are watching us, waiting.

All these wrecks, the ruins... this entire island is a graveyard. It's only a matter of time, the Oni will come for us.

Lara's Thoughts

From the diary of a soldier. He mentions Oni, demons from Japanese folklore. What could it have really been?