Soldier: Awakening


Tomb Raider

Soon after we discovered the tomb, they came, the Oni, First the lights went out. Then... then the screaming started. Was it us or them? That horrible sound, it still rings in my head. They wore the armor of my ancestors... they, they cut us down with ancient blades.

Gunfire, shouting, blood. We couldn't stop them. Everything turned to chaos. And then silence. They were gone.

Why did they leave? Why didn't they kill us all? Captain Osaka is in command now. We... we are leaving the base, but not the island. We're heading inland, to the Monastery. There is no other way. We must follow the Oni, all of us, If we can't control the star, we must destroy it.

But I know... we... we're all going to die.

Lara's Thoughts

The same soldier. Again he mentions the Oni. Could it be that thing I saw in the Monastery?